How to Adjust a Moon Phase Watch: A Guide to the Best Swiss Watches

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How to Adjust a Moon Phase Watch: A Guide to the Best Swiss Watches

A moon phase watch is not only a witness to time, but also a symbol of the perfect combination of art and mechanics. Among the many Swiss watch brands, the moon phase function is particularly favored by watch enthusiasts. So, how to correctly adjust a moon phase watch to keep it running accurately? This article will introduce in detail the method of adjusting a moon phase watch to help you better use this exquisite Swiss watchmaking craft.

What is a moon phase watch?

A moon phase watch is a mechanical watch that has the function of displaying the waxing and waning of the moon. Through the moon phase window on the dial, you can intuitively see the current moon phase status. This complex function not only increases the ornamental value of the watch, but also demonstrates the exquisite craftsmanship of watchmaking.

Steps to adjust a moon phase watch

1. Determine the current moon phase

Before adjusting a moon phase watch, you first need to understand the current moon phase. You can get this information by checking the calendar or using the moon phase application on your phone. Make sure you know whether the current moon is new, full, or in another phase.

2. Set the time

To avoid damaging the movement, set the time to 6 o’clock before adjusting the moon phase. This step is to ensure that other complex functions, especially the calendar function, are not affected when adjusting the moon phase.

3. Adjust the moon phase display

Most moon phase watches are equipped with a button or crown specifically for adjusting the moon phase. Here are the specific steps:

Find the adjustment button or crown: Usually on the side of the case, there will be a small button or additional crown for adjusting the moon phase.

Adjust the moon phase: According to the instruction manual of the watch, use the adjustment tool or manually rotate the crown to adjust the moon phase window to the correct moon phase state. This step requires patience to ensure that the moon phase pattern is consistent with the current actual moon phase.

4. Adjust the time and date

After adjusting the moon phase, you can adjust the time to the current time. If your watch has a date function, adjust it as well. Please note that some watches should not adjust the date function during a certain period of time to avoid damaging the movement.

5. Check and fine-tune

After completing all adjustments, carefully check whether the moon phase display is correct. If errors are found, you can make fine adjustments. After ensuring that all functions are working properly, the adjustment of the moon phase watch is complete.

Common Problems and Solutions

Inaccurate Moon Phase Display

If the moon phase display is inaccurate, it may be because the current moon phase was not aligned during adjustment. Recheck the current moon phase status and adjust it again according to the above steps.

Adjustment button or crown is difficult to operate

Some moon phase watches may have small adjustment buttons or crowns. When operating, you need to use special adjustment tools to avoid excessive force to avoid damaging the watch.

Moon phase watch stops

If you have not worn it for a long time, the moon phase watch may stop. At this time, you need to rewind and adjust the time and moon phase.


Although it takes some skills to adjust the moon phase watch, as long as you master the right method, you can keep your watch in the best condition. Swiss watch brands are known for their exquisite craftsmanship and reliable quality. Whether it is Rolex, Omega, or Patek Philippe, their moon phase watches are worth owning and collecting. I hope this article can help you better understand and use your moon phase watch and enjoy the charm of best swiss watches.

With proper adjustment and maintenance, your moon phase watch will not only be a recorder of time, but also a perfect embodiment of art and technology. If you think the price of an original luxury moon phase watch is too high, you may want to consider our high-quality replica watches.

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